Kansas City South Side Fights For Sidewalks On Troost After Tragedy

Here's another reminder that politicos who attempt to solve the world's problems on social media are woefully inept when it comes to engineering local pavement.  

Here's a look at street life for South Side locals whilst KCMO politicos focus on complicating Midtown traffic with all manner of urban planning schemes . . . Check-it:

"Build a sidewalk, build a sidewalk," a couple dozen people chanted, holding up signs.

Family say Dunmore was killed as she walked northbound on Troost trying to catch a bus north of 89th Street. That's where the sidewalk ends.

"My mother didn't have to die, and the accident may not have been fatal if there would have been a sidewalk or a curb to prevent the driver from driving into her," Asia Dunmore said.

As they walked along the shoulder with a police escort, they encountered multiple hazards, including a huge bubbled crater that stretched from the edge of the road across the shoulder.

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Kansas City hit-and-run victim's family calls for sidewalks on Troost

Friends, family and community groups marched down Troost Avenue, hoping one woman's death brings changes to a dangerous area for pedestrians.