Kansas City South Loop Scheme Exposed: Taxpayers Funding PRIVATE Park!!!

We encourage locals to read the fine print closely on yet another bad deal for downtown.

First and foremost . . . We think that this proposal deserves CITYWIDE voter scrutiny but that's unlikely given corrupt politicians working hand-in-hand with developers.

And so . . . 

The only thing the plebs can do is make sure as many people as possible are INFORMED about the reality of this scheme. 

An important deet that might be overlook . . .


Despite so many "public information sessions" it's still unclear how this park will be governed and if so many corporate donations are secured by contract or just a topic for meaningless press releases. 

A huge building project like this should have all of these important facts available to the public.  

Instead . . . 

Kansas City residents merely serve as an audience to power moves where consent is manufactured by public relations hacks. 

And so . . .

We share a quote wherein we highlight some of the plan that has been downplayed by lesser newsies: 

"The South Loop Project is a major urban infrastructure investment that includes a multi-purpose deck and sustainable gathering space in downtown Kansas City. The Project will bridge a four-block section above I-670 from Grand Boulevard to Wyandotte Street and connect the south side of CBD and the Crossroads Arts District. The proposed facility will also connect Kansas City’s Bartle Hall Convention Center and T-Mobile Center. When completed, the South Loop Project will be a world-class facility that will welcome residents and visitors and will be a catalyst for further investment and economic growth in Kansas City and the state of Missouri. It will be a privately managed, actively programmed public gathering space with a 365-day event schedule."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

South Loop Project Community Impact Goals - Downtown Council of Kansas City

The South Loop Project creates a division between the Central Business District and the Crossroads Arts District in the heart of Downtown KC.