Kansas City Season Of Abandoned & Blighted House Fires Starts Again

Blight continues to burn the urban core but, after all these years, there hasn't been any viable solution to the longstanding problem.

Accordingly . . . Here's what locals should understand . . . 

What often goes unmentioned in most local house fire stories is the properties are either abandoned or in HORRIBLE SHAPE with no hope of renovation.

It's easy enough for newsies on the scene to mentioned abandoned properties. However, places that probably should've been condemned long ago are tougher to document given that's a subjective judgement call . . . Even when it's obvious. 

Caveat . . . Sometimes there's just bad luck or criminal motives at play and that's also part of KC house fire season that seems to be underway this week.

And yeah, the migrant crisis is part of this equation as well.

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Early Friday morning KCMO house fire led to partial roof collapse

Firefighters were dispatched to the 5200 block of 28th Street at 3:40 a.m. and upon arrival encountered a "heavy fire from a one-story structure," according to spokesperson with KCFD.

Kansas City fire crews forced to evacuate structure while battling house fire

Fire crews were called out at 3:16 p.m. to the home.

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