Kansas City Royals Suffer EPIC TV Ratings FAIL Amid 106 Losses

The home team is turning away fans en masse and recent TV ratings don't bode well for the franchise going forward.

Of course . . . There's the hope the streaming services and costly Internets options will pick up the slack. 

However . . .

We can't imagine anyone paying for the luxury of watching a team lose 106 games.

Here's an upbeat view of the damage . . .

"The Royals had the second-largest decline in local TV viewership in baseball, according to reporting from Sports Business Journal, with a 30 percent drop in ratings, behind only the Chicago White Sox. The Royals tied a club record with 106 losses, their third 100+ loss season in the last six years. These numbers seem to reflect traditional television ratings without including streaming numbers on Bally Sports+. Overall, the Royals had a TV rating of 2.60, which was still the 15th-highest out of 30 teams. Royals local TV ratings have historically done well in the Kansas City metro area, even in poor seasons."

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Royals suffer second-largest drop in baseball in local TV viewership

No surprise there.