Kansas City Pumpkin Boat Seeks Record Breaking Glory

Whenever you feel bad about not doing anything with your life . . . Remember that there's a guy earning accolades for riding a giant pumpkin and then that nap will feel even sweeter.

Take a peek . . .

"Wearing a wet suit to protect him from the chilly water and morning air, Keuny launched from Lewis and Clark Park at Kaw Point bound for Napoleon, Missouri. He estimated the journey would take around eight hours, putting him 38 miles downstream before sundown."

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Missouri man and a 1,200-pound gourd attempt world record for longest journey by pumpkin boat

Flying Asian carp, river barge traffic, and dangerous eddies all await Steve Keuny as he attempts to float his massive fruit, called "Huckle Berry," from Kansas City, Kansas, to Napoleon, Missouri. The journey could take 8 hours or longer.

Kansas City man attempts pumpkin paddling world record

Just after 7 Monday morning, Steve Keuny started his journey across the Kansas and Missouri River inside a 1,299 pound pumpkin. He is trying to set the Guiness World record for longest paddle in a pumpkin.