Kansas City Preps For Another Cold Weather Homeless Crisis

Winter is coming the this time around it might be even more cruel . . . Here's a look at locals working to protect vulnerable populations . . . Check-it:

"Shelter KC is going above and beyond to provide warmth, sustenance and support to those in need. The staff at the shelter have witnessed a concerning rise in the unhoused population in recent months.

Well we all know the inflation, people are struggling right now, but then there's also people that just live on the streets because of drug and alcohol, mental health issues and we want to be a service that provides basic human needs," said Kara Feitz, Development Director of Shelter KC."

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Homeless shelter ramps up efforts to aid unhoused as colder temperatures approach Kansas City

As the temperature drops and winter inches closer, a homeless shelter in Kansas City is stepping up its efforts to assist an increasing number of unhoused individuals.