Kansas City Playlist: Pretend Excitement

If there's a common theme betwixt news events this week . . . It might be: Feigning excitement over obvious publicity stunts.

From Beltway power plays to fake "celebrity dating" news and then lady soccer this evening . . . We notice many narratives crafted for viewing pleasure actually don't provide much joy for anyone watching closely. 

In most instances we understand the usefulness of the harmless white lie in order to boost profits and create buzz . . . The only problem is those same tactics are also used to sell wars and manufacture consent in all manner of serious conflicts. 

Did they ever find any of those weapons of mass destruction that sparked the Iraq war anti-climax?!?

Luckily, nobody cares as the next crusade in the Middle-East might be closer than any of us can imagine. 

In the meantime, the public is directed to feign excitement over lady soccer and any skepticism about the mass appeal of this snooze-fest is likely akin to hate-speech. 

Here's the belabored description hoping to generate any interest beyond soccer moms who will endure all manner of humiliation in order to take up Hillary Clinton's cross . . . Check-it:

"The Current scored three stunning goals in the first half on their way to a wild scoreline — a 6-3 victory over the Chicago Red Stars. Incredibly, a different player scored each goal.

"A record crowd of 15,671 watched the Current’s victory over Chicago at Children’s Mercy Park. That attendance record may stand for some time given the Current’s new stadium — where they will begin play next season — will be capped at around 11,500 seats."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

KC Current blast Chicago behind 6 (yes, 6) goals in final game at Children's Mercy Park

Here's the story from Saturday night's KC Current match against the Red Stars.

Accordingly, we dedicate tonight's TKC playlist to entertaining stories that might not match up with reality for anyone paying attention.

Of course these musical interludes are mostly about nostalgia and this Henry Rollins track takes us back to the 90s when American youth seemed bitterly aimless with no other global super power to fear.

This 80s classic from the Eurythmics is a longtime TKC fave and served to inspire dozens of movies & TV shows of varying quality . . .

Released in 1978 we still love the Billy Joel anthem "Honesty" because it holds up as a campy punchline to so many bad jokes offered to the American public.

The 80s classic "Little Lies" is underrated but actually one of the better songs from Fleetwood Mac that 40-something listeners might turn up if nobody else is in the car.

The irony isn't lost on us . . . A political blog writing about lies is a bit of a stretch given that hyperbole, info-tainment, hot talk and gossip are part of the daily fare in our little corner of the Internets. And so . . . Just to level with loyal KICK-ASS TKC readers . . . We finish this playlist with a word from Elvis, the King Of Rock n' Roll, and "Suspicious Minds" — An inspirational song that might be his greatest contribution to the American discourse.

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a safe & fun Saturday night.