Kansas City Newsies Pen Love Letter To Plaza Protesters For Palestine

Again . . . Our blog community believes that it's important to focus on the rhetoric front and center in every protest. 

Meanwhile . . .

Local newsies focused on the human interest angle. 


"In Kansas City, many demonstrators waved the Palestinian flag and held signs that read, “End the siege,” “End the Israeli occupation” and “A free Palestine in our lifetime.” The crowd, which lined up along West 47th Street, chanted “free Palestine” and “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” which were often met with honks of support from drivers passing by."

Check that report . . .As of this writing there no unpacking of that last LOADED statement.

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Palestinians in Kansas City call for peace, worry over loved ones in Gaza: 'We are terrified'

Hundreds of Kansas City residents, many of whom are part of the local Palestinian community, gathered Saturday in support of Palestine and to demand an end to the Israeli occupation.

'We want our rights as a human being': Hundreds gather at Country Club Plaza to advocate for Palestinians

Hundreds of people gathered at Mill Creek Park on Saturday to advocate for Palestine and voice their thoughts on the Israel-Hamas war.

'We are here to be their voice': Hundreds gather to rally for Palestine in Kansas City

Speakers at the rally shared stories of friends and family still living in Gaza.

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