Kansas City Metro Stabbing Reminder: NEVER Help Anyone

Call it a Kansas City cliché but we regard it as a truism and axiom to stay safe . . . 


Accordingly, check this tragic run-in and nearly deadly consequences for trying to help out a stranger in need . . .

"He said his car broke down there and he needed a ride back to Target," Paton said, "and me being a nice guy, I agreed to give him a ride."

While on I-70 near Noland Road, Paton said he tried to pull over, but SUSPECT jerked the wheel back and grabbed a steak knife from the center console.

"We started to come into traffic right before Blue Ridge and he told me to go around it, or he would stab me if I didn't," Paton said, and I went to the shoulder, and I got the car slow enough to where I could throw the car in park, and took the key out of the ignition."

When Paton got the key out of the ignition and tried to get out of the car, he said that's when THE SUSPECT stabbed him in the chest - twice.

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Doctore Paton is recovering at a hospital after being stabbed twice by the suspect.