Kansas City Metro Legal Weed Renaissance Voting Coming Soon

And so it seems that more than anybody else . . . Local politicos are quickly becoming addicted the additional revenue that legal weed has provided municipalities.

Check local governments rushing to get their cut . . .

Pleasant Hill voters will see the issue labeled as Question on the ballot. It askes if the city of Pleasant Hill, Missouri, should impose a 3% sales tax on non-medicinal marijuana sold within city limits.

Drexel voters will see the issue called Proposition A on their ballots. It asks if the city of Drexel should impose a 3% city sales tax on the sales of adult use marijuana sold at retail.

North of the river in Platte County, Parkville is also asking voters to decide on a 3% marijuana sales tax.

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Voters in 3 KC-area communities asked to pass marijuana sales tax in November

Missouri voters in the Cass County cities of Pleasant Hill and Drexel join Parkville to decide whether cities should charge an additional 3% sales tax on marijuana.