Kansas City Mayor Q Denounces Antisemitism After Israel Attack

A glimpse at a faith community gathering that hosted local elected leaders from throughout the metro.

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Organized by the Jewish Community Relations Bureau, local elected officials and civil rights leaders spoke out against the atrocities and condemned terrorist acts against Israel.

“All of us are here because we know what was wrong. And what was done was wrong. And we stand together to make sure we make that clear to everyone in our state, in our country and everyone who will listen to us when we say: Barbarism, terrorism should never be accepted, and should never be justified,” Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas said Thursday, speaking from a Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce hall in Union Station.

“You can disagree with the politics of Israel or America,” the mayor later added.” You can find concerns with anything going on in the world. But to support, to rationalize, or to justify the barbaric murder of Jews is antisemitism. And we can say that clearly, strongly, proudly and bravely.”

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Kansas City officials stand beside Jewish community, condemn Hamas attack

A group of Kansas City leaders delivered a strong message of support for Israel on Thursday in the aftermath of an attack on Israeli citizens by the militant Islamist group Hamas.