Kansas City Mayor Q Appointee Notes 'Genocidal Intentions' Of Israel

Right now, Kansas City, Missouri Northland councilman Nathan Willett hopes that Mayor Q will distance himself and city hall from radicalized progressive online ranting. 

First and foremost, here's a link and screencap to X/Twitter statement that has started a ruckus:

And that has sparked the Northland council dude into action.

Here's the first part of his message . . .

"Below is my message to the Mayor last night requesting his immediate withdraw of his appointment of Emerson “Jaz” Hays to the Board of Zoning Adjustment as an Alternate Member due to his comments mischaracterizing one of our nation’s strongest allies, Israel & the hate it spews up towards the Jewish Community."

And now a note that's going far & wide this morning sent to TKC by AWESOME INSIDERS . . . 

Dear Mr. Mayor -

I am writing to request that you immediately withdraw the appointment of Emerson “Jaz” Hays to the Board of Zoning Adjustment as an Alternate Member.

This week, Emerson “Jaz” Hays suggested in a tweet that Israel is a regime with genocidal intentions.

He stated that “Biden is sending weapons to a regime with genocidal intentions.”

This statement is deeply offensive to our Jewish Community and doesn’t represent the values of the people in the First District or the people across our great city.

Our city, earlier this year, passed a resolution unanimously recognizing the growing problem of antisemitism in America and adopted a working definition of antisemitism as an important educational tool to address it. The comment made by Emerson “Jaz” Hays mischaracterizes one of our nation’s strongest allies and spews up more hatred towards the Jewish Community and Israel.

Serving on one of our city’s boards or commissions comes with great standards. I believe this anti-Semitic comment disqualifies Emerson “Jaz” Hays from serving our city in that capacity.

Nathan Willett
Kansas City Councilman – District One



"This issue is time sensitive due to the appointment being heard in the legal review committee today 1PM at City Hall.

"I have also sent this message to the other committee members, Councilwoman Melissa Robinson & Councilwoman Andrea Bough.

"*Please note this comment was made after the Mayor made the appointment and there is time to reverse course."

Developing . . .