Kansas City Mayor Promises Trash Crackdown On Small Biz Dumpers

Tonight we want to share an EXCEPTIONAL series of reports from KMBC and an important statement from Mayor Q that speaks to his mindset when it comes to local policy.

He's not wrong about small time outfits dumping trash illegally . . . HOWEVER . . . The impulse to fine and legislate rather than work to devise solutions speaks to how SMALL BIZ UNFRIENDLY this cowtown has become under the current administration. 

Check-it . . .

"We have got to do more enforcement on this issue," he said in a one-on-one interview.

Lucas said Kansas City Code Enforcement needs to write more tickets and fine more people for dumping trash.

Lucas says the city has struggled with unlicensed businesses taking money to haul trash away.

"And the way they do it at such a cheap price is because they just go drop it wherever the heck they want to," Lucas said.

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Chronicle: Dirty Kansas City - A look at Kansas City's trash problem and what we need to do to solve it

Trash on our streets, and where it should ultimately go, is a problem we all must solve to clean up a dirty Kansas City.