Kansas City Levee: Weekend Boozing Amid World At War

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Kansas City Stands With Troops

'It meant a lot, to a whole lot': Stand Down event offers assistance to hundreds of Kansas City veterans

The Kansas City VA Medical Center hosted its annual "Stand Down for Veterans" on Friday. Over 40 community organizations came together to offer their goods and services to our local veterans.

Downtown To The Letter

'Where's the T?' Kansas City's Western Auto building sign may get fixed

The "T" in Kansas City's Western Auto sign is out, catching the attention of Chiefs fans across the kingdom Thursday night.

Cowtown To War Front

Kansas City man leaving home to fight Hamas for the IDF

Matthew Vonende, a Jewish man that grew up in Kansas City, previously served as a lone soldier from 2015 to 2017 in Israel

Exploring Old School Living

Historic Homes Tour Guide

Scarritt Point North National Register Historic District as seen through Historic Postcards Seeing Kansas City Scarritt Renaissance gets its name [...]

Swifties Turn Cinematic

Taylor Swift's movie generating boost for Kansas City movie theaters

Taylor Swift's concert film experience is predicted to generate $100 million domestically, boosting revenue for movie theaters across the country and in Kansas City.

Diva's Baller Marketing Stunt Gets Personal

Taylor Swift chats with Travis Kelce's DAD for the first time

Taylor Swift worked her charm on beau Travis Kelce's parents, Donna and Ed, while attending his game on Thursday.

Beauty In Transition

At least two transgender women will compete in the Miss Universe pageant

Marina Machete, who was crowned Miss Portugal last week, and Rikkie Valerie Kolle, who became Miss Netherlands in July, will be among the 90 contestants.

White House Presses For Calm After Terrorist Attacks

U.S. officials privately warn Israel to show restraint in retaliating against Hamas

In meetings in Israel, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin conveyed to Israeli leaders that it's important to observe international rules of warfare.

MAGA Moves Attacked

Trump's turn against Israel offers stark reminder of what his diplomacy looks like | CNN Politics

Donald Trump's inflammatory and artless comments about Hamas' horror in Israel emphasize the defining characteristic of his attitude toward foreign policy and his entire political world view: It's all about him.

Hardliner Stays Winning

Jim Jordan wins nomination in GOP's chaotic House speaker battle

House Republicans voted Friday to nominate conservative firebrand Jim Jordan for speaker of the House -- the latest twist in a chaotic battle for speakership.

Struggle For 2nd Place Cont'd

DeSantis and Haley camps take whacks at each other before donor confab

Top reps for both campaigns made their pitch to some of the biggest check writers in the GOP on Friday.

Terrorist Tactics Exposed

'Top Secret' Hamas Documents Show Palestinian Terrorists Intentionally Targeted Children: Report

Documents that were labeled "top secret" in Arabic were discovered on the bodies of dead Hamas terrorists this week after they launched an unprecedented terrorist attack against Israel. The documents showed that the detailed plans Palestinian terrorists were given ordered them to "target elementary schools and a youth center" in Kfar Sa'ad, a kibbutz in Israel, and to "kill as many people as possible."

Vlad Doubles Down

Russia pummels east Ukrainian town of Avdiivka in heavy fighting

Russian forces pummelled the eastern Ukrainian town of Avdiivka from the ground and air on Friday, the fourth day of intense fighting in the biggest offensive by Russian forces in months.

Red Army Marches Into Grinder

Russia is bringing back its bloody 'human wave' tactics, throwing poorly trained troops into a massive new assault in eastern Ukraine, White House says

Russia "continues to show no regard for the lives of its own soldiers, willingly sacrificing them" to further Putin's goals, John Kirby said.

Far East Danger Emerges

Israeli embassy worker stabbed in China by foreign national, authorities say

An Israeli man was stabbed by a foreign suspect in China on Friday as he was exiting his country's embassy.

Hottie Emerges After Disgrace

Mia Khalifa seen for first time since being fired over Israel tweets

The Lebanese-born influencer appeared to be holding a box of colored pencils as she picked up a coffee at a drive-thru near her Miami home.

South Side Celebrates Boozy Party Times

Locally sourced art, food, beer and music combine for a good time at the Chive's ArtFest

"We've always supported local art and local music here, so we just decided to put that together and create a fall ArtFest."

Super Star Swill Explained

Taylor Swift had a tequila cocktail at Chiefs game. There's a Travis Kelce connection

Now that Taylor Swift is popping up on national broadcasts of Chiefs games, fans re paying close attention to what she's drinking.

Another Scare Tonight

Kansas City-area haunted houses, ghost tours that will leave you terrified

If you're looking for a scare, Kansas City has some of the best haunted houses and plenty of historical homes with paranormal possibilities.

More Cowtown Drinking Games

Weekend Possibilities | ¡Oktoberfiesta!, Virtual Reality Haunts and PorchFestKC

Make room for fall festivals, fiestas and frights scheduled for this fine October weekend - along with a variety of live music options.

Buzz On Weekend Chill

A cold front moves into the metro

Friday night will see temperatures falling into the 50s

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