Kansas City Indigenous Peoples' Day: Good Morning, You're RACIST!!!

Right now we offer context and a reality check . . .

As much as GenZ might complain . . . Kansas City still isn't any closer to stopping the chop.

Check-it . . .

"On Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we honor the sovereignty, resilience, and immense contributions that Native Americans have made to the world; and we recommit to upholding our solemn trust and treaty responsibilities to Tribal Nations, strengthening our Nation-to-Nation ties," President Joe Biden said in the 2022 Proclamation on Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

Despite the proclamation, Columbus Day is still a federal holiday. Pew Research shows the public, paid holiday is still exclusively celebrated as Columbus Day in 16 states.

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Is commemorating Columbus Day offensive? Why the day's namesake is disrespectful to some

Christopher Columbus has a well-documented record of torturing and killing Native Americans. Celebrating Indigenous People's Day helps denounce that.