Kansas City Feathers: Prez Family Drama, Local Vintage & World War Cash

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Buying Local Bargains

Kansas City is full of vintage and thrift stores. Here are some off-beat shops to explore

Thrifting and secondhand shops can be a bit of a treasure hunt, as well as a wallet- and Earth-friendly practice. In Kansas City and around the region, you can find stores with everything from clothing, books, and housewares to movie props, tools, and vintage audio equipment.

Tragic Testimony Shared

Wife of Olathe man killed in hit-and-run speaks out

The search for a semi-driver who hit and killed an Olathe man and then left the scene continues.

Rock Chalk Political Diversity

Kansas voters prove we aren't a 1-dimensional 'red state.' Let's work for common sense | Opinion

Last year's landslide victory for women's most basic freedoms reflected our long legacy of independence. The Kansas Coalition for Common Sense will carry it on. | Opinion

Show-Me Sunshine

Missouri Attorney General vows to complete 2022 public records requests by end of 2023

The attorney general's office says it has five staffers working on the Sunshine Law backlog and a policy of not charging fees for processing requests. But the first come, first serve strategy has meant hundreds of requests wait in limbo for months - even years.

Newspaper Reports Good Life

See inside $6.8 million Johnson County home with 'puppy apartment' and waterfall

This six-bedroom home in Johnson County features a "luxury puppy apartment," a 3,000-square-foot indoor basketball facility with a viewing gallery, and cascading waterfalls. Here are the details - and photos.

Diva Debuts Cosplay

Kelly Brook dresses up as Sia for Global's Make Some Noise event

Kelly Brook turned heads as she dressed up as Sia at Global's Make Some Noise in London on Friday.

Nobody Buying White House Narrative

Most Americans say Biden's business dealings with his son are unethical: survey

Most American adults say President Biden's business dealings with his son, Hunter Biden, are either unethical or illegal, according to a new poll. Results from The Associated Press-NORC Research Center survey, published Saturday, show 63 percent of U.S. adults believe Biden's handling of foreign business dealings with his son are unethical or illegal - 33...

Lady Comes Second

Haley closes in on DeSantis as biggest challenger to Trump

Nikki Haley is increasingly being viewed as the most viable alternative to former President Trump, as Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) continues to struggle to gain traction in the primary. The former United Nations ambassador received widespread praise for her performances in the GOP primary debates, has bumped up in primary polling and become an...

Immigration Gambit Isn't Working

Ron DeSantis says U.S. shouldn't take in refugees from Gaza

The Florida governor baselessly said that while not all Palestinians are members of Hamas, "they are all antisemitic."

Newsflash: Small World After All

US has seen increase in domestic threats since Hamas attacks in Israel, FBI says

Director Christopher Wray cautioned police vigilance and encouraged police chiefs to continue sharing information

Hero We Deserve?!?!

Hunter Biden, Ironic Icon

A tongue-in-cheek group that includes meme-loving Leftists, frat boys and women who like troubled men, has turned the president's son into an antihero.

World Needs New Policeman

The World Can No Longer Sideline the Israeli-Palestinian Issue. But the U.S. Doesn't Have to Be the Only Broker.

For years, the U.S. pushed the issue to the sidelines in foreign policy. Insiders say it needs to take center stage again, and there might be a better way to do it this time.

Going Deutsch On Bullets

With Ukraine War And Now Israel, German Politician Asks 'How Bad Does It Have To Get' For West To Step Up?

Nico Lange, a German politician from the center-right Christian Democratic Union and a senior fellow at the Munich Security Conference, spoke to RFE/RL about Hamas's asymmetrical warfare and how new pressure on U.S. ammunition stocks could affect Ukraine's defense against Russia.

Iran From Escalation

Iran warns Israel through UN against ground offensive in Gaza

"Any step the resistance will take will cause a huge earthquake" for Israel.

Conservatives Catholics Confused

Pope Francis's comments on same-sex blessings baffle the faithful

Pope Francis's recent statement on the blessing of same-sex unions sent shockwaves through the global Catholic Church and the world at large. In response to an official set of questions posed by five cardinals known as a "dubia," the comments have been universally interpreted as a softening of the...

Serving Kegger Fam

Inside the Kansas City Barbecue Spot Where Travis and Donna Kelce 'Wait in Line Like Everybody Else'

The restaurant, Joe's Kansas City Bar-B-Que, often has a line wrapped around the building

Autumn Weather Always Proves Interesting

Weather Blog | Tracking storm system for tonight in Kansas City area

We are tracking two storm systems the next seven days. One is timed for tonight. It will bring widespread rain, but how much? There are locations running 10" below average rainfall this year.

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