Kansas City Earns Vaxx Tech Hub Honors

Local prizes for those who trust the science . . . Check-it:

"Thanks to this designation, BioNexus KC and organizations throughout the region will have an opportunity to receive up to $75 million in federal funding, attract additional philanthropic and private investment, and expand the development of cutting-edge medicines and life-saving vaccines, Missouri Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II shared in a statement."

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Department of Commerce designates Kansas City as a Tech Hub

That designation means Kansas City is in the first stage of getting millions of federal dollars to become a place for manufacturing vaccines.

Kansas City region selected by Biden administration as biologics, biomanufacturing tech hub

The Kansas City area has been selected by the Biden administration as one of 31 technology hubs across the nation as part of an initiative aiming to spur innovation and create jobs.

KC officially earns title of 'Tech Hub,' opening door to massive federal grant funding

The federal government's designation of Kansas City as one of 31 U.S. Tech Hubs is expected to further cement the region's reputation as a leader in vaccine development and biotechnology, said Quinton Lucas, as well as open access to newly launched federal funding opportunities.