Kansas City Double: Solidarity Amid 'Despicable' Higher Education

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Local Tribute After Attack

Hundreds gather to pray, show solidarity for Israel

Hundreds gathered at the Temple Congregation B'nai Jehudah to pray and show solidarity for Israel Monday night.

Newspaper Postscript

Chill out on Taylor Swift. I watch Chiefs games for the football, not a media circus | Opinion

Toriano Porter thinks he's speaking for a lot of NFL fans: The pop music superstar didn't make the Kansas City tight end famous.

Rock Chalk Weed Advocacy

Older Kansans want lawmakers to legalize medical marijuana and expand Medicaid

Kansas is one of the few states that doesn't offer legal access to marijuana, and one of just nine states that hasn't expanded Medicaid. Kansas seniors will be lobbying lawmakers for both.

Show-Me Tragic Death Toll

Missouri native among 11 Americans killed in Israel-Hamas war

A Missouri native was among at least 11 Americans killed in the war between Israel and militant group Hamas, Missouri's attorney general said.

Liquid Relief Offered

Drink This Now: Espresso Martini at Thou Mayest

Espresso Martini at Though Mayest River Quay. // Photo by Emily Jacobs The River Quay location of Thou Mayest is both a coffee shop and a bar in one, offering a lengthy list of herbal and caffeinated beverages, beer, wine, and cocktails, along with a small selection of snacks and baked goods.

Diva Daughter Debuts

Heidi Klum, 50, and her mini-me daughter Leni, 19, in lingerie

Five months ago the ladies debuted as spokespeople for the brand, but were met with fierce backlash. Some felt that it was too awkward to see a mom with her teen kid in no clothing.

White House Statement Coming Soon

Biden to update Americans on Hamas attacks on Israel, fate of US citizens

President Joe Biden on Tuesday will give an update to the American people on the attacks in Israel as the violent conflict enters its fourth day.

Former Prez Decries Omission

Trump Wildly Claims Forbes Is a 'China Propaganda Machine' After He's Removed from 400 Richest Americans List

Brian Snyder/ReutersDonald Trump lashed out at Forbes on Monday after the magazine cut him from its list of the wealthiest 400 people in America last week.

International Fight For Florida

Ron DeSantis announces new sanctions, bans on Iranian businesses in Florida amid war in Israel

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis urged Israel to respond forcefully to Hamas' assault, announcing new sanctions on Iran and banning Iranian business in Florida.

Progress Backward

Democrats have softened on Israel. Will they now stand firm?

The outpouring of goodwill following the horrific terrorist attacks might be fleeting, some fear.

Ivy League Love Letter Shame

31 Harvard student groups' despicable letter backing Hamas exposes the deep sickness of US academia

A letter signed by 31 Harvard University student groups blaming Israel as "entirely responsible" for Hamas' heinous attacks shows how low US higher education has sunk.

Attacks Cont'd

Israel launches massive airstrikes on downtown Gaza City, Netanyahu says: 'We have only started'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel's counteroffensive in Gaza included airstrikes on the home to Hamas' centers of government during a nationally televised address.

Iran From Blame

Iran's Khamenei says Tehran was not behind Hamas attack on Israel

Tehran was not involved in the militant Hamas group's weekend attack on Israel, Iran's top authority Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Tuesday, but hailed what he called Israel's "irreparable" military and intelligence defeat.

Far East Trading Daze

Schumer: made clear to China's Xi that US wants stability, fairness

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer on Tuesday said he had made clear to Chinese President Xi Jinping during a Beijing meeting that the United States wanted stability and fairness in bilateral trade.

Posting Peril For Everybody

Israel, Gaza and when your social media posts hurt more than help

Social media has rendered nuance obsolete - meaning it's nearly impossible to discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict there.

Hottie Rebuked

Playboy Ditches Mia Khalifa Over 'Disgusting' Israel-Palestine Comments

The former porn star and influencer will no longer have her own channel on Playboy's OnlyFans-like Centerfold platform.

Running Against Bad Sugar

Kansas City runner with diabetes takes on New York City Marathon to raise awareness

Meyer, diagnosed with early stages of diabetic retinopathy in 2019, has used running as a tool to manage her condition and inspire others.

Tacos For Tuesday

Fast food Mexican restaurant chain expanding in Kansas City area

Fast-food Mexican restaurant chain Abelardo's Mexican Fresh is expanding in the Kansas City area as it opens its fifth area location.

A-List Perspective On Chiefs Football

Ryan Reynolds reacts to Taylor Swift Chiefs suite after Shawn Levy called it 'depressing'

The actor finally revealed what it was like to attend the Kansas City Chiefs game against the New York Jets with Taylor Swift.

Local Legacy For Sale

After 81 years, Kansas City area hardware store is closing. Everything is on sale

It has the look of a classic hardware store, with narrow aisles lined with nuts and bolts, power tools​ and plumbing supplies.

Autumn For Another Day

Enjoy today because rain and wind are on the way

It's chilly this morning but will warm up in the afternoon. Rain moves in overnight.

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