Kansas City Doggie Adoption Saga Earns National News Coverage

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Here's a glimpse at local doggie volunteers & owners doing right by puppers in danger . . .

"It was a long wait of more than 371 days, during which time the shelter couldn't promote the dogs for adoption, but they were dedicated to helping these pups by any means possible . . . The court case was finally decided in October 2023, and their previous owner was charged with animal cruelty . . . The cost to care for all three for 371 days amounted to more than $35,000 in total, so the shelter also encouraged people to donate to help with their efforts. As soon as the case was finalized, Donnelly and Thor's foster families made their adoptions official."

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Dogs held for 371 days due to court case can finally be adopted: "Justice"

Tracy Lewandowski from Great Plains SCPA told Newsweek that "It was quickly evident that these dogs would be with us for longer than a few weeks."