Kansas City Defender Activists Incorrectly 'Report' Missouri's First Black Tailgate

Okay, I'm sure the qualifiers matter amid this distinction . . . However . . . TKC is absolutely certain that we've seen Black tailgates throughout our life, at Mizzou and throughout the region. 

Black people have been tailgating since there have been tailgates. 

And so . . .

Our activist friends delve in self-parody as they continue their blogging journey and our readers are reminded once again that agenda-drive "journalism" inevitably turns into a bad joke. 

Check-it . . .

"The Legion of Black Collegians (LBC), the country’s first and only Black student-run government, and G Class Events hosted tailgates aimed squarely at creating a joyous and safe community space for Black students.

"The significance of the event, held on the Southwest side of campus near Faurot Field, was more than just a casual get-together. In a climate where racial hostility is palpable—recall the distasteful remarks by Meg Miller last year stating she wishes she could shoot Black people—the tailgate served as a sanctuary for Black students to relish moments of freedom and happiness."

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In an Era of Racial Hostility, Black Students at Mizzou Carve Out Space of Joy w/ First Ever Black Tailgate - Kansas City Defender

In an era marred by racial tension and divisive policies, Black students at the University of Missouri defy the odds with the first-ever Black-focused tailgate event. A sanctuary of joy, safety, and community.