Kansas City Defender Activists Decry 'Imminent Genocide In Gaza' Amid Walkout

We post this update only to document a tragic fact . . .

Local mainstream media formerly celebrated the KC Defender before they started a fake serial killer rumor and now they're regurgitating antisemitic tropes and talking points seemingly right from the Hamas playbook. 

Maybe next time around . . . More scrutiny of this irresponsible blogging effort might be in order especially since THEY'RE NOT HAVING ANY FUN with their writing and FAIL to provide fart jokes and/or links to hottie fashion news.

Here's a silly quote from their latest diatribe that was likely written from the comfort of some coffee house:

"As the imminent genocide in Gaza claims increasingly devastating numbers—with 2,360 children already massacred, 1.5 million Palestinians ethnically cleansed from their homes, 6,000 Palestinians martyred (over 50% children, women and elderly), 12 hospitals and 32 medical centers rendered non-functional due to incessant bombing and fuel shortages, and a complete depletion of food, water, and power—Kansas Citians are unifying their voices in a collective call to action."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Thousands of Kansas Citians Call for Rep. Emanuel Cleaver to Vote for an Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza - Kansas City Defender

In a defining moment for his legacy, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver faces a critical choice: Stand for justice and vote for a ceasefire, or align himself with a regime advocating mass genocide.