Kansas City Defender Activist Blog Supports 'Genocidal Intentions' Attack Of Israel

Today Kansas City's most celebrated activist blog aligns itself with radical progressives and stands against victims a recent terrorist attack. 

Here's their money line and link to their screed in its entirety . . .

The nominee, Jaz Hays, merely voiced the same concerns that have been corroborated by multiple human rights organizations and even the United Nations—labeling israel (sic) as “a regime with genocidal intentions.”

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Fascist Censorship Strikes Kansas City As Councilman Nathan Willett Attacks Free Speech About Israeli Occupation - Kansas City Defender

Kansas City Councilman Nathan Willett calls for the removal of Jaz Hays over comments on Israel, blatantly contradicting UN findings and stifling free speech. Discover the dire implications.