Kansas City CVS & Walgreens Walkout ALMOST Explained

Rather than recognize corporate greed in action .  .  . And at the expense of public health . . . Many of our readers imagine robot healthcare salvation. 

Whilst taking prescriptions by way of A.I. vending machines might sound fun . . . That kind of future is still a few months away . . . In the meantime . . . Grandma needs her scripts now.

And so, here's a much more informed local perspective . . .

Russ Melchert, the dean of UMKC’s School of Pharmacy, said to understand the why, you need to think big picture.

“It’s all health care professions,” he said. “You see the strike going on at Kaiser Permanente in California and on the West Coast. They have allied health professionals that have walked out as well, for similar reasons. They just don’t have enough staff to do the job that needs to get done now.”

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First CVS, now Walgreens. UMKC pharmacy school dean unpacks problem, solutions

Walgreens pharmacists from across the nation are walking out this week to put pressure on the chain to improve working conditions.