Kansas City Crime Scene: Survivor Testimony, Deadly Overland Park Chase & Data Debate

Tonight we take a quick moment to check more local notes on court battles, crime reporting and all manner of ALLEGED local misdeeds.

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Kansas City woman shares story of domestic abuse to highlight need for resource expansion in metro

The need for domestic violence services in Kansas City is growing. Newhouse, KC's first domestic violence shelter, served approximately 450 survivors last year.

Family of man shot and killed in December sues Independence police officer

The family of Terry Lee Bowman Jr. is suing an Independence police officer after Bowman was shot in the back of the head last December.

Overland Park woman killed in fiery crash following law enforcement chase

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reports the crash happened just after 6:52 a.m. on Missouri Highway 13, about two miles north of Kingston.

'So many are children': KBI report prompts child sexual abuse survivors to re-emphasize reforming system

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation's (KBI) annual report on abuse revealed the victims of most reports of sexual assault are between zero to 19 years old.

Politicians love to cite crime data. It's often wrong. - Kansas Reflector

Across the country, law enforcement agencies' inability - or refusal - to send their annual crime data to the FBI has resulted in a distorted picture of the United States' crime trends, according to a new Stateline analysis of the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting program participation data."

Father of fallen Overland Park police officer discusses Overland Park Police Officers' Foundation

Mike Mosher died in a gunfire exchange with a suspect who also died in May 2020.

KCPD Breast Cancer Survivor Encourages Testing

It was, in fact, a coworker back in 2014 that encouraged Wren to see a doctor. Wren noticed a lump above her breast, but out of fear, procrastinated a check-up for a month. When she mentioned the lump to her coworker, the coworker asked her about it every day for two weeks until Wren went in for an exam.

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