Kansas City Cover: Local Starlink Tonight, MAGA Sinking & Prez Biden's Border Wall

To finish off #TBT we take a peek at heiress hottie Nikki's body of work as we check pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Tesla P0wnz Heavens

Seeing strange lights in the sky? It's SpaceX Starlink passing over Kansas City area

Not to worry, it's just a SpaceX Starlink satellite traveling over the Kansas City region.

Doggie Distress Cont'd

Unleashed Pet Rescue fails another inspection, more calls to close

Unleashed Pet Rescue, which Kansas has been trying to shut down, failed another inspection after investigators discovered multiple problems.

Saving Kansas Ruins

Quindaro residents, descendants pleased by push for national recognition of historic township

Anthony Hope is excited by the possibility Congress could designate the Quindaro Ruins a national landmark.

Show-Me Historic Heroes

'Know these names': Project honoring forgotten Missouri Civil War Soldiers

The Salus Populi Pension Project is remembering the stories of African-American Soldiers

Golden Ghetto Rerouted

Traffic shifts planned for U.S. 69 Highway construction in Johnson County, Kansas

The project work will institute phased adjustments in traffic control devices and configurations along the mainline lanes of U.S. Highway 69.

Nicki Hits Magic Number

Nicky Hilton is 40! Sister of Paris Hilton celebrates milestone

The New York City resident celebrated with a party in Paris as she posted the fun images to Instagram after hitting several fashion shows with her older sibling.

White House Forgets History

Biden administration flips on 'bigoted' border wall after long history of attacks on Trump proposals

Biden administration officials revealed they would restart construction of a portion of southern border wall after repeated claims that it was "ineffective."

MAGA Loose Lips Alleged

After White House, Trump allegedly discussed potentially sensitive info with Mar-a-Lago member: Sources

Months after leaving office, former President Trump allegedly discussed potentially sensitive info about U.S. nuclear subs with an Australian billionaire, say sources.

Upstart Never Accepted?!?

Before he started bashing the RNC, Ramaswamy wanted to be an insider

He just wouldn't give money to Donald Trump or the RNC.

Cost To Be GOP Boss

Jordan, Scalise locked in tight race to succeed McCarthy

On to the next. Jockeying to be the next Speaker of the House is in full swing after Kevin McCarthy's (R-Calif.) shocking ouster, with the two declared candidates - Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) and Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) - lobbying for support and lawmakers beginning to pick sides in what is expected to be...

Talker Takes On Trans Crowd

'Life's Tough, Get A Helmet': Campus Erupts When Candace Answers Student's 'Trans' Question

A campus crowd erupted at the University at Albany when Daily Wire host Candace Owens responded to a student asking what Owens has to say about her mere presence "actively victimizing" students who do not identify with their gender.

Gold Fingered?!?

In Defense Of Bob Menendez: Who Among Us Has Not Googled 'How Much Is 1 Kilo Of Gold Worth?'

Maybe for U.S. senators, it is totally normal to have $100,000 worth of gold bars lying around the house. We asked them.

European Tragedy Persists

Russian airstrike kills 51 at a funeral in Ukraine

The attack in the Kharkiv region is described as one of the area's "bloodiest crimes".

Far East Face Time Ahead

Biden plans face-to-face meeting with China's Xi Jinping in California

With tensions running high, Biden and Xi will look to put relations back on course at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in November, administration officials say.

New Superpower Sets Terms For Great White North

India says it's firm on Canada reducing diplomatic staff in the country but sets no deadline

India said Thursday it has set no deadline so far but remains determined to reduce Canada's diplomatic presence in the South Asian country amid a confrontation over Canadian accusations that India may have been involved in the killing of a Sikh separatist leader in suburban Vancouver. New Delhi has dismissed the accusations as absurd.

Understanding Old School Signals

Senior swingers 'using loofah system to indicate sexual preferences'

A Florida retirement village has been thrust into the spotlight again after a viral video claimed to show a color-coded loofah system used by swingers to indicate their sexual preferences.

Crafting Cowtown Hip-Hop Win 

Kansas City producer Conductor Williams produces new song for Drake

Drake released a new song called "8AM in Charlotte" with producer Conductor Williams ahead of his eagerly awaited album, For All the Dogs.

Latina Lady Soccer Hype Machine Collab Money Line

'My people are represented;' KC Current honors Latino Arts Foundation at first international-friendly match

The foundation is a Kansas City-based nonprofit that works to uncover underrepresented artists by bringing their work into the community.

Old School Road Remembered

Walnut Street North from 12th Street

By Michael Bushnell, Publisher The streetcars dominate the scene in this postcard published by Max Bernstein in the late teens [...]

Kansas City Serves Carb Classic

Meshuggah Bagels: Authentic New York Style Bagels

I've been a fan of Meshuggah Bagels since they opened in 2016. I had been searching for a New York-style bagel source when I had returned to Kansas City in the early 2000s. Was looking for a bakery that made bagels like the late Bagel Place in College Park, Maryland.

Autumn Forecast For Now . . . 

A clear, crisp weekend ahead for Kansas City

Kansas City will see increasing clouds tonight, with low temperatures dropping into the mid 40s.

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