Kansas City Collection: Trash Talk, Protest & Worsening War Games

This morning America's favorite reality TV family inspires our peek at pop culture, community news and top headlines.

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Cowtown Trash Talk Cont'd

GETTING RESULTS: Kansas City woman sees cleanup at abandoned lot targeted by illegal dumping

KMBC Chronicle: Dirty Kansas City features Marlon Thatcher's concerns about properties near 52nd and Indiana

Ballers Favored Again

Chiefs open as 10.5-point favorites over the Broncos in Week 6

In a short Week 6, the Kansas City Chiefs opens as a big home favorite over the Denver Broncos.

Diva Shows Off Her Moves

Kim Kardashian dances around in sexy string bikini

Kim Kardashian reveals she is 'manifesting' a new relationship on Season 4 of The Kardashians.

Prez Demands Computer Crackdown

Biden's latest effort to censor speech online

Biden's latest effort to censor speech online involves the outlandish idea of having Microsoft's Bing search engine as a "public utility" you were stuck with by default.

White House Works For Peace

Biden administration scrambles to deter wider Mideast conflict

As Israel prepares a ground offensive in Gaza, the White House sends military aid to Jerusalem and moves to prevent a crisis across the wider Middle East.

MAGA Talk Redux

Flashback: Trump's border wall was called 'racist' and 'anti-immigrant' by liberal media for years

President Biden's administration is set to begin building a new portion of the border wall, which members of the liberal media condemned as "racist" under the Trump admin.

Big Apple Split Amid War

NYC pro-Palestine rally splits Democrats over Israel

Gov. Kathy Hochul and other leading Democrats blasted the rally as "abhorrent and morally repugnant."

American Warships Set Sail

U.S. sends aircraft carrier group to eastern Mediterranean in response to Hamas attack on Israel

Defense Secretary Austin said Sunday that he has ordered American military ships to move closer to Israel after Hamas' unprecedented attack​.

Iran From Payouts

Iran prisoner swap for $6 billion in spotlight after Hamas attacks Israel

The Palestinian group Hamas's surprise assault on Israel Saturday and Israel's retaliation have killed more than 1,100 people and focused attention on the Iran-backed Islamist group.

Tech War Restock

Ukraine races to make more war drone components at home

As Ukraine seeks the upper hand against Russia's far larger military with tens of thousands of cheap attack drones, producers and officials are working to have more components made locally to avoid exposure to shifting geopolitics.

Far East Diplomacy FAIL

Schumer Criticizes China's Response to Israel Over Attack

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer criticized Beijing's initial response to the conflict in Israel during a meeting with China's top diplomat. After Hamas launched attacks over the weekend, China's Foreign Ministry on Sunday called for peace but avoided any criticism of Hamas for launching the as

Rising Sun Solution?!?

China Calls for Israel-Hamas Ceasefire

Beijing repeated its support for a "two-state solution," calling it the fundamental way out of the conflict.

Strike Persists Out Of Spotlight

UAW members reject tentative agreement with Mack Trucks, prep for strike Monday

The UAW reached a tentative agreement at the start of October but members defeated the proposed contract. They'll strike five site in three states.

Mama Sudeikis Pipes Up On Traylor Judgement Call

Olivia Wilde slammed for Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce post: 'Who is she to say s-t?'

Taylor Swift fans are hitting back at Olivia Wilde after the "Don't Worry Darling" director shared a tweet to her Instagram Story on Thursday wishing Swift "was in love with a climate scientist."

Group Hug Testimony

27 People Who've Had Threesomes Are Revealing The Juicy Stories And Life Lessons From Their Experiences

"I was much too 'in my own head' trying to split my attention between the two. She said she found it overstimulating with too much going on and would rather have more intimacy. For those thinking about it, the key is just open communication."

Cowtown Drinking Game Exposed

Bring the party home! These tips from KC interior designers will help you perfect your home bar.

Bring the party home! Perfect your home bar with these tips from KC interior designers. It's the sure fire way to enjoy a Chiefs game.

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