Kansas City Classic: Prez Biden Builds Back Border Wall & Local Latino Spooky Season

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Scaring Up Death Culture Artifacts

A decoration's long journey from rural Mexico to Kansas City

Hispanic Heritage Month honors the rich culture that contributes to the Kansas City metro in September and October but people who live in the region seek out decorations from that culture year-roun...

Reviving Dead KC Retail

Country Club Plaza tenants hope new possible ownership means more foot traffic, less empty storefronts

As the Country Club Plaza recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary, news that new ownership could soon be coming.

Celebrate Publicity Stunt Love

How to dress like Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce this Halloween

Move over, Barbie and Ken - Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce may now be the hottest Halloween couples costume idea of 2023.

Dancing Duality Story Debuts

Jekyll & Hyde Returns to its Roots in KC following its Finnish Premiere - KC Ballet

"We've always been on the same wavelength ," Ramona Pansegrau, Kansas City Ballet's Music Director & Conductor, says of Jekyll & Hyde choreographer Val Caniparoli. Read more about this fascinating ballet.

KC Hip Shake Soundtrack

Kansas City Latin Jazz Orchestra's rhythms of revolution have kept crowds dancing for 20 years

After arriving from Chile, Pablo Sanhueza made it his mission to spread the sounds of Latin America, and create an inclusive and radical space for cross-cultural appreciation.

Hottie Has Her Moment

Kylie Jenner has her own Marilyn Monroe moment in plunging Schiaparelli gown: 'More than Kim could ever give'

Jenner, 26, hit Schiaparelli's Paris Fashion Week show on Thursday in the shimmering keyhole gown, which hugged her curves and plunged at the neckline.


Biden approves new border wall in political U-turn

Dozens of federal laws are being waived to allow the building of new barriers in Texas.

Former 'America's Mayor' Fights Back

Rudy Giuliani sues Joe Biden for calling him a 'Russian pawn' | CNN Politics

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani filed a defamation lawsuit Wednesday against President Joe Biden for calling him a "Russian pawn" during a presidential debate nearly three years ago.

Dems Rebuked By Republicans

House GOP takes revenge on Democrats after McCarthy ousting

Allies of toppled former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) are fuming at Democrats for failing to back him amid his historic ejection - leaving Democrats arguing the GOP has no one to blame but themselves. Republican ire hasn't just been centered on the eight members of their own conference who ignited and backed the vote...

European End Game In Sight

'We're pretty much done': 'Unwavering' support for Ukraine starts to waver

Congress is haggling over funding, and Slovakia, one of Ukraine's staunchest allies, could get a pro-Russian PM. What does this mean for Ukraine?

Far East Orbit Expands

China's next moon mission aims to do what no country has ever done. Its space ambitions don't end there | CNN

China's lunar mission to bring back the first samples ever collected from the moon's far side is on schedule for next year, officials say, as Beijing ramps up its ambitious plan to send astronauts to the moon this decade and build an international lunar research station.

Old School Loving Cautions Advised

Column: Frisky is good; risky is not - the joys and hazards of sex and love in the titanium years

STDs are up among older adults, but that hasn't put a damper on their search for love or companionship. Here are some of their stories

Cowtown Scorcher Considered

Kansas City's Favorite Local Small-Batch Hot Sauce - IN Kansas City Magazine

Kansas City is full of underrated, niche spots and cult small-batch favorites, requested in hushed tones lest someone else snatch the last bottle. H Sauce, Kansas City's answer to a flavorful hot sauce, might just be the new hot-sauce boss in town. A darling of the local business community, H Sauce and its partner product,...

Autumn Chill Arrives

FIRST WARN: Friday to see big drop in temps

Another front will swing through late Thursday and will send temperatures tumbling Friday.

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