Kansas City Can Save The Planet?!?

Public radio blames listeners for the approach of skyfall and offers mildly annoying and mostly pointless ways to inconvenience locals in order to save the world.

On the bright side . . .

This report offers a valuable resource for those blessed souls who like to correct everyone else on simple household chores that must now become overly complicated in hopes of making Al Gore and his environmentalist friends smile.


"Humans are driving climate change. And that means we humans can change our trajectory. While governments and businesses have a key role to play in reducing planet-heating emissions, individual actions matter, too."

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What actions can Kansas City-area residents take to address climate change? Here are some ideas

So you want to do something about climate change, but what? We have ideas. Some require a little planning, while others might mean one less thing on your to-do list. (You can skip raking leaves!)