Justice For Jackson Mahomes Can Wait Until After Football Season

Today's update on the delay of proceedings . . . And reporting that's a but more cutting than the local softballs served up in deference to the hero Super Bowl QB . . . Check-it:

"On Tuesday, Jackson Mahomes appeared before the judge on Tuesday, and the judge set a preliminary hearing for 1:30 p.m. on Jan. 3, 2024. Mahomes was also reminded that he cannot contact the victim or any witnesses in the case."

A bit more on the ordeal . . . 

"The only surprise during the scheduling conference came after Mahomes’s lawyer Brandan Davies asked Judge Thomas Sutherland to release his client from pretrial supervision, stating that Mahomes has had noting but negative results from urinalysis testing for drugs and alcohol since he was charged in May.

" 'I think somewhere around 10 UAs have come back clean,' Davies said.

"But prosecutor Megan Ahsens objected to removing court supervision.

" 'Judge, there is, we’ve had information that would indicate that he has been having contact with someone he’s not supposed to be having contact with and we still think he needs to be monitored,' she said during the court session, which was conducted by video conference."

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Jackson Mahomes was arrested in May after an incident involving the owner of a Kansas restaurant

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