Johnson County LGBT Community Celebrates Blood Donation Inclusion

Politics and equity now seemingly inform decisions that were once determined solely on the basis of science. 

To be fair . . . The current scientific method in action might INCLUDE considerations about diversity. 

Enjoy and realize this decision impacts the entire medical industrial complex and so rural rubes won't be able to hide from this bit of progress in their most desperate hour . . . Take a peek:

No longer being required to wait a certain amount of time to donate blood, members of the LGBTQ+ community hope this brings them closer to being seen as equals in society as they hold another pride in the park event.

Since the Community Blood Center announced their new donor screening process will no longer be based on gender and sexual identity or sexual orientation, members of the LGBTQ+ community appreciate the opportunity to being allowed to give blood.

“It’s really groundbreaking and resourceful to hear that there has been a consideration for not stigmatizing people for wanting to help the community,” Johnson County Pride Association Co-Chair Margeaux Seymour said. “And really allowing that scientific evidence to step forward and allow more opportunities.”

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Local LGBTQ+ members share impact of new access to donate blood

Stringent guidelines were in place for LGBTQIA+ members to even get in line. That was until the FDA updated its guidelines to make the process more inclusive. In Lenexa, members and allies praised the recent victory, issuing hope for more progress toward equality.