Jackson County Property Tax Delay Pay?!?

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However . . .

A local power player is leaning on the courthouse and seems to be flexing a great deal amid ongoing legal battles.

Here's the word . . .

"I truly, truly hope that the judge will intervene and set us back to the 2022 rates," he said. "It will be enormously complex for the county and for cities and school districts at this point."

"Attorney Ken McClain urged residents to hold off on paying their property taxes until at least Nov. 30th."

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Attorney: Jackson County residents should wait until November 30th to pay property taxes

It's not too hard to find someone who is upset regarding property taxes in Jackson County, Missouri.

Jackson County property tax bills go out as lawyers seek restraining order

Lawyers have asked a judge for a temporary restraining order regarding bills and advise people to hold off on making any payments until a judge weighs in.

Attorney says wait to pay your Jackson County property taxes

An attorney suing Jackson County says residents should wait a couple of weeks to pay their property tax bills while the courts decide whether a temporary restraining order is put into place.

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