Jackson County Property Tax Appeals Prove Difficult Despite Pushy Home Inspection Pix

We talked about this last week . . . But instead of tagging this with a "told you so" post title.

We encourage readers to check this story that provides great detail and personal stories of a busted local government process. 

Here's the word .  . .

Julie recently learned requesting an interior inspection on a page titled “Jackson County Appeals Case Information” was not considered filing an appeal.

She apparently needed to fill out the paperwork a second time and select “appeal.”

In Julie’s case, it means she had an inspection but then nothing was done with the information and pictures.

She calls the process confusing by design.

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Jackson County homeowners: inspectors wasted time, made appeals confusing by design

"When my mother and I got the assessment for the house, I said, 'Oh no, that's not right,'" said Julie Briggs.