Jackson County Exec Frank White FAILS To Sign Senior Property Tax Relief

In biz deals, local government and all things . . . It's important to read the fine print.

What Jackson County taxpayers should notice . . .


Off the record . . . And thanks to KICK-ASS INSIDERS . . . Here's a note about the unsigned effort: 

"I thought you would like to know that SB190 was not signed by the county executive. This provides a property freeze for seniors who are social security eligible.

"Although he urged us to hire a consultant to implement SB 190 in July. See the letter below.  The ordinance will be implemented without his signature."  

Another OFF-RECORD quote from insiders about the ON-Record comments from the Jackson County Exec: 

"This is pure political cowardice. Check the record, the Executive put out a statement 'encouraging' the Legislature to pass this effort. That has been accomplished and now he won't sign it. It's something that voters should remember . . . The Executive can talk a good game about tax relief but when it comes time to show the courage of his convictions . . . He's nowhere to be found."

And so . . . 

Given the majority on the Legislature . . . Today the ordinance passed into law this morning. 

Check the confirmation, more info and, in fairness, the Exec's side of the story . . .

Jackson County's ordinance took effect took effect late last week, but it became law without the customary signature of White . . .

“Due to his concerns and the potential for litigation, the County Executive chose not to sign the legislation nor veto it, and allowed it to go into law,” county spokesperson Marshanna Smith said.

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Jackson County property tax relief goes into law without Frank White's signature

Seniors and other select property taxpayers in Jackson County will be eligible for tax relief starting next year, but the new law took effect without the signature of County Executive Frank White.