Former Kansas Sheriff Shares Blame After Newspaper Raid Controversy

Without too much snark . . . Here's the statement from the lawman with local connections:

"Now, in an answer to a federal lawsuit against him, Cody denies most of the allegations against him for his actions before and during the Aug. 11 raid. His defense: he acted reasonably and within constitutional requirements, among other claims.

"Cody also argues the county attorney and law enforcement agencies he turned to for legal advice before the raid never told him that the investigation was legally questionable.

"The state’s top investigative agency, which took over the Marion case following the raid, has not publicly said it is investigating Cody for his actions. But the former police chief said in his filing that the KBI’s continued investigation was “a conflict of interest.”

"Former Marion Police Chief Gideon Cody’s filing, which came in response to a lawsuit filed by Marion County Record reporter Deb Gruver, provides the most detailed account thus far of the events leading up to the search of the local newspaper."

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Former Marion County Police Chief Gideon Cody denies much of the allegations against him in response to a federal lawsuit.

Former Marion chief calls KBI's investigation into newspaper raid 'a conflict of interest'

Gideon Cody, the former Marion police chief who raided the local Kansas newspaper, said in court filings the KBI was involved and said the agency had a conflict of interest.

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A witness statement used as evidence to raid the Marion County Record newspaper is missing pages, according to the witness.

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