Fight To Free DeValkenaere

The effort is underway to get a convicted former detective out of the clink.

From The Star we notice more than obvious seething contempt for this legal effort. Local activists have also weighed in with their opposition.

Moreover . . . 

A quick point of contention from TKC: Many activists & progressive politicos object to the effort to release DeValkenaere from custody on grounds that his ongoing appeals deny legal consequences confronting him. In fact, the former detective's efforts are HIS LEGAL RIGHT and EVEN A POTENTIAL PARDON is very much an element of the same legal system which governs his conviction.

Here are the basics and more info to follow . . .

"In the motion filed at 5:43 a.m. Wednesday, attorney Jonathan Laurans said the Missouri attorney general did not oppose reinstating bond for the former officer while he took the case to the Missouri Supreme Court.

"Laurans wrote that there were “no compliance issues” while DeValkenaere remained free and that he is not a flight risk.

'“Appellant should be permitted to remain on bond until such time as all post-opinion motions are decided,” the motion said.

"On Wednesday, the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office said it is reviewing the motion for DeValkenaere’s bond to be reinstated."

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A former Kansas City police officer convicted in the shooting death of Cameron Lamb is seeking to be released again, a day after he was jailed with the failure of his appeal in a state court.

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The attorney for Eric DeValkenaere, the former Kansas City, Missouri, police officer convicted of two felonies in Cameron Lamb's death, filed a motion Wednesday to have his appeal bond reinstated.

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A day after he turned himself in to Missouri police, Eric DeValkenaere decided to appeal his conviction... again.

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Eric DeValkenaere's attorneys argued there are arguments for a rehearing of a transfer and contended the appeals court overlooked important aspects of the case.

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