Fight For $15 Stays Winning Overland Park

Unfortunately, this is no longer a "living wage" in any sense of the term thanks to Bidenomics or whatever Eastern European warlord you might not like . . . Still, here's a glimpse at more cash for the plebs in the Golden Ghetto . . . Check-it: 

"City Manager Lori Curtis Luther announced the change this week, in an effort for the City to remain competitive in a challenging hiring market.

“This is an important step toward ensuring we can continue to attract employees to some of our most public-facing positions and compensate employees fairly for their work,” Luther said. “Further, it is a next step in implementing the City’s Strategic Goals.”

"The City’s Strategic Goals, approved by the Governing Body, include an objective to maintain a competitive compensation program that attracts and retains a diverse, talented and engaged workforce reflective of the current competitive market . . ."

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Overland Park raises minimum pay for City employees to $15 per hour - City of Overland Park, Kansas

Every City of Overland Park employee will now make at least $15 per hour, after a change in City compensation policy. City Manager Lori Curtis Luther

Overland Park sets $15 minimum wage for city workers. How does it compare in the metro?

Overland Park recently raised its minimum wage for city employees to $15 an hour. How do other cities in the metro compare?

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