Downtown Kansas City Worships 'Holy Trinity' Development Schemes

Here's a peek at the big three despite U.S. economic momentum moving in the opposite direction . . .

The East Village Royals Stadium where NOBODY wants to park. 

The private park South Loop. 

The Greenline hobo camp.

Check more on this hype that has the suits atwitter . .  .

“A lot of us are Kansas City natives, and if you’re not excited about where we are right now, I do think you need to have your pulse checked,” said Mike Klamm, chair of the Downtown Council board and senior vice president at CBRE at this week’s Downtown Kansas City Office Summit.

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Not excited about these 3 Downtown KC projects? 'You need to have your pulse checked'

A potential Royals ballpark district, a park that would reclaim space lost to the highway system, and a 10-mile urban trail that loops around the greater Downtown area would help to reshape the future of Kansas City, one leader said.