Domestic Violence Spikes In Johnson County

Tragic beat downs worsen in what was once a peaceful neighborhood.

Reality check . . . 

Experts often claim that domestic violence transcends income, racial and demographic trends.

So maybe this spike MIGHT be the result of more people coming forward and reporting violence that has always existed . . . Either way . . . Check the data: 

"As Johnson County's only domestic violence shelter, Safehome says service calls and demand for their resources is at an uptick. According to the shelter's 2022 impact report, indicated calls to the shelter are up 68% from 2021. More than 2,600 people were given assistance last year, which is a 12% increased compared to the previous year. The shelter also provides legal advocacy for free and say advocates that work within district attorney's offices have seen a 71% increase in protection orders from 2021."

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Johnson County domestic violence shelter sees uptick in calls for services

Safehome is Johnson County's only domestic violence shelter and says the number of clients they serve is up.