Dishing Kansas City Restaurant Worker Frustrations, Advice & Confessionals

Actually . . .

This quick survey of local servers proved somewhat inspiring and a reminder that the Internets is a great place to rant against working life but real world frustrations are often easily solved. 

Check-it . . . And tip your waitresses . . .

"I couldn’t leave without asking a practical question. What can we as diners or customers do better–to be kinder to the staff or even to make the experience better for ourselves?

"Not one person said, “Tip 30%” or “Clean up your table better”—holdover habits from past experience and feedback in our own personal restaurant work.

"The most common piece of feedback to customers: be patient."

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Checking-in on turmoil and turnover with Kansas City's restaurant workers at annual industry conference

How are Kansas City restaurant workers really doing? We attended the Kansas City Restaurant Festival to check in on the industry.