Constant Kansas Candidate Tricked By Keanu Reeves Faker

A tragic story about politics comes with a reality check . . . American public life is jam packed with fakes.

In fact, this year we notice more fakers attempting to take down TKC and attempt to exploit our sense of decency . . . Good luck . . . No white lady has been able to find it.

We've had more than a few false tips that we were lucky and lazy enough to avoid and even efforts to fake OnlyFans models and former GFs that we've admired over the years. 

But I digress . . . 

Don't be arrogant about this threat.

In an era when most human communication has moved online . . . Catfishing and all manner of deception is now a constant threat to Internets denizens . . . Thankfully/sadly, NOBODY ever wants to see TKC's nudes that I'll gladly send to any 30-something white lady who asks!!!

Meanwhile, here's yet another note about web 3.0 trickery . . .

"After months of online correspondence, $9,000 in Bitcoin transfers and a confrontation with her family, she understood the individual who promised to endorse her presidential campaign and even be her date for her high school reunion wasn’t really the famous actor. She had been betrayed by a CIA poser once again."

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How a fake Keanu Reeves convinced a Kansas woman to abandon her dream of being president - Kansas Reflector

Joan Farr's presidential campaign hinged on support from the actor Keanu Reeves - but after $9,000 in Bitcoin transfers, she reached the conclusion that she had been scammed by a CIA poser.