Conservative Takeover Ruins Shawnee???

Don't worry . . . Most people don't even know they're driving through this suburb that often sparks vitriolic debate from people who never managed to expand their horizons beyond their front lawn. 

Still . . . The culture war is worth checking if only to "spout off" from a space that's safer and far nicer than most . . .

"Incumbents say the city has changed for the better since gaining a 7-1 conservative majority a couple of years ago, including by challenging developers and lowering taxes . . . But opponents argue that Shawnee is headed down a dangerous path."

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Has Johnson County city been 'reckless' on finances? Candidates spar as election nears

The city of Shawnee is seeing a heated election year, with contested mayor and council seats. Incumbents and opponents have different views on staff resignations and taxes.