Arrest Warrant Issued Against Fmr. KCPD Detective After Conviction Upheld

The outcome of an appeals ruling for a former detective is today's top story. . . 

Meanwhile, the prospect of a pardon by Guv Parson SEEMS unlikely but pro-police advocates will now have to go that route if they want to get the former lawman out of lockup.

Here are the basics and then links to more info . . .

"The appeals court ruling that came out Tuesday states there's sufficient evidence that Devalkenaere killed Lamb and acted with criminal negligence.

"DeValkenaere, the ex-KCPD detective, now has a warrant out for his arrest. According to court documents, DeValkenaere is to be taken into custody and taken to a correctional facility to serve any portion of the unserved sentence."

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Appeals court upholds ex-KCPD detective DeValkenaere's manslaughter conviction

Eric DeValkenaere, a former KCPD detective, was convicted of second-degree involuntary manslaughter in 2019 shooting death of Cameron Lamb

Former KCPD detective's conviction upheld in deadly shooting, warrant issued for his arrest

Former detective Eric DeValkenaere was convicted and sentenced to six years in prison for the 2019 deadly shooting in Cameron Lamb

Missouri appeals court upholds ruling for only Kansas City officer convicted of killing a Black man

A Missouri appellate court's three-judge panel affirmed Eric DeValkanaere's 2021 second-degree manslaughter conviction for the killing of Cameron Lamb.

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