AG Kobach Works To Cancel Litany Of Kansas School Funding Lawsuits

This report is worth checking if only to realize that Sunflower State public schools have been in a constant state of dysfunction for more than a decade as more locals turn away from public options and seek out alternatives . . . Check-it:

Kansas has been in and out of school funding lawsuits for several decades, with lawmakers promising increases in spending and then backing off when the economy soured and state revenues became tight.

Kobach said his office's request won't affect current funding levels.

"Kansas is governed by elected representatives who will make decisions on how the state spends taxpayer money," he said.

With the lawsuit still open and in the state Supreme Court's hands, the school districts can go directly to the justices each year if they don't believe lawmakers have provided enough money. If the case were closed, districts would have to file a new lawsuit in district court that likely would take several years to reach the state Supreme Court.

Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly opposes Kobach's request. Spokesperson Brianna Johnson described it as an "attempt to allow the Legislature to remove funding from our public schools."

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Kansas AG Kobach asks high court to drop school funding lawsuit

Republican Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach has requested that the state Supreme Court close a lawsuit over school funding filed by four districts in 2010.