Aftermath: About Missouri Autism Demons

A worthwhile editorial remembers a recent story that seems apropos for the Halloween season. 

Check the sitch and the resolution . . .

Last month, Rick Morrow, pastor of Beulah Church, a Baptist church in Richland, Missouri, said from his pulpit that autism was an example of demonic possession and that the best thing to do about it is “just cast the demon out.”

That statement is so profoundly ignorant that it’s dangerous. First of all, it’s factually wrong. Anybody can perform any kind of hocus pocus exorcism that they want over a person with autism. That person is still going to be autistic. There is no demon to be cast out.

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A School Board Casts Out Ignorance

A Baptist pastor in Missouri claimed that autism is an example of demonic possession and one must "just cast the demon out." He has since resigned from his local school board position after calls for his removal.

Aftermath . . .

Missouri pastor resigns after claiming that autism is 'DEMONIC'

A Missouri pastor has resigned from his local school board after he claimed that children with Autism are possessed by a 'demon,' because 'God doesn't make mess ups.'