Will Beyoncé Fans 'Buy Black' & Boost Embattled Kansas City 18th & Vine District?!?

Actually . . .

We hope this effort helps an iconic part of the urban core that has struggled to find a sustainable profit model. 

A few things about this report . . .

It's obviously written from a distance.

Las we heard there's an EXCELLENT daiquiri bar nearby that seems fun and has garnered some great press and lots of biz . . . But other than that, the jazzy offerings might not appeal to pop R&B fans. 

And . . . Sadly . . . This glowing report doesn't discuss crime that has impacted the district ranging from mass shootings, car break-ins to tragic personal disputes. 

Still . . . 

Out of town guests will undoubtedly enjoy the history of 18th & Vine and hopefully taxpayers will earn just a fraction of relief for a jazz district that has been subsidized for much longer than the jazz age. 


"Kansas City houses some fantastic museums that highlight the contributions of Black folks across multiple industries. It all starts in The 18th and Vine District, an epicenter of our history and culture. Also known as the Jazz District, this area was a refuge for Black people amid housing restrictions and quickly filled with Black-owned businesses. Medical offices, restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs were all found here. Today, the area is still a bustling and thriving community."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

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