Why Can't We Hold KC Pet Project Accountable For Crisis?!?

In 2017 Kansas City dedicated more than 7 MILLION BUCKS worth of GO Bonds to build an animal shelter. 

Millions more were promised in donations that never materialized. 

Sadly . . .

Over this Summer we've heard numerous reports of wild packs of dogs roaming Kansas City streets and youngsters have been attacked.

Meanwhile . . . Neither our Mayor nor council have asked for any action or change from KC Pet Project. Maybe it's time for 12th & Oak to think seriously about animal control in Kansas City and realize that this group has FAILED their mission to keep Kansas City safe and put the well-being of neighborhoods over pets. 

Sadly, the newspaper is passing the buck and attempting to connect the problem to a nationwide trend. In fact, local decisions are responsible for this cowtown hot mess.

In fairness, here's their side of the story . .  . 

"As The Kansas City Star’s Eric Adler recently reported, KC Pet Project — technically a “no kill shelter” designed to hold 140 dogs — has been forced to house more than 300 dogs as more animals are coming in but fewer are adopted out. Staff members are now having to euthanize up to 10 dogs a day — animals they had hoped to save."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

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