Waldo Awakens To War Games

For once . . . Denizens of this embattled enclave can't blame their East side neighbors for all of their problems. This time around Fear of the military industrial complex terrifies a formerly middle-class community.

Here's part of the story and drama that was played out on local social media spying apps:

The 41-year-old resident of Kansas City’s Waldo neighborhood sat up in bed. He thought perhaps a vehicle had blown up a few blocks from the residence he shares with his wife and 8-year-old daughter at 77th Street and Troost Avenue.

A quick bit of online research by his wife on the neighborhood Facebook page provided some assurance: Neighbors a few blocks away had been informed by police that there was a training exercise going on — and gunfire or helicopters heard that night were probably a part of it.

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Explosions, gunfire, helicopters: Military training exercise startles Kansas Citians

The U.S. Army is training troops through exercises, including close-quarter battle training, in the Kansas City area through Sept. 22.