UAW Strike Shuts Down Fairfax This Week

We talked about this over the weekend . . . But we don't mind revisiting mainstream followup attempting a morning feast on our savory TKC blog community leftovers . . . Check the stakes . . .

"There are some 2,200 workers at the Fairfax Plant who make the Cadillac XT4 SUV and the Chevrolet Malibu, according to the company."

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Fairfax GM plant could temporarily shutdown as early as Monday

The ongoing auto workers strike could soon impact plants in the Kansas City Metro. A GM Assembly plant in Wentzville, Missouri ceased operations on Friday, September 15 and GM representatives said it could temporarily cease operations at a Fairfax plant as well.

UAW justifies wage demands by pointing to CEO pay raises. So how high were they?

It's been a central argument for the United Auto Workers union: If Detroit's three automakers raised CEO pay by 40% over the past four years, workers should get similar raises.

Auto workers strike could shut down the Fairfax GM plant in Kansas City, Kansas, this week

General Motors says the strike that shut down the Wentzville plant near St. Louis means there may not be enough parts to assemble cars in Kansas City, Kansas.

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