UAW Stand-Up Strike Starts In Missouri

And so . . . American labor start the next chapter in their movement and a critical showdown that's likely to impact workers of the world. 

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If they're successful . . . Full-time basically moves to part time with the same pay and we can only hope that doesn't spiral inflation and trade complications out of control.

To start the morning we look at their first move with links to more info . . .

The United Auto Workers, or UAW, and the car manufacturers failed to reach a contract agreement before a deadline set by the union for Thursday at 11:59 p.m. ET. Less than two hours before the deadline, UAW president Shawn Fain announced the plants where union members would strike if a tentative agreement wasn't reached in time. By midnight Friday, that amounted to approximately 12,700 union workers, including ones at GM in Wentzville, Missouri; Stellantis in Toledo, Ohio; and Ford’s Wayne, Michigan plant.

The union is doing what’s called a “stand-up” strike, where not all union members strike at once.

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The UAW launches a historic strike against all Big 3 automakers

For the first time ever, the UAW launched a strike against all Big 3 automakers at once, starting with three locations in the Midwest.

About 13,000 workers go on strike seeking better wages and benefits from Detroit's three automakers

About 13,000 U.S. auto workers stopped making vehicles and headed for the picket lines Friday after their leaders couldn't bridge a giant gap between union demands in contract talks and what Detroit's three automakers are willing to pay

UAW launches strike against Big 3 automakers

The two sides failed to reach an agreement before a deadline set by the union.

General Motors Fairfax in KCK, Ford plant in Claycomo not involved in 1st wave of UAW strikes

Union members working at the GM Fairfax plant in KCK plant and Ford's Kansas City Assembly Plant in Claycomo won't be involved in the first wave of United Auto Workers strikes.

A Missouri GM plant to halt work as part of UAW's historic strike against Big 3 automakers

For the first time ever, the UAW launched a strike against all Big 3 automakers at once, starting with three locations in the Midwest, including the General Motors plant in Wentzville, Missouri.

"This man made 21 million last year" - As UAW strikes Detroit's Big 3, it blasts Ford CEO for emotive schoolteachers and firemen comparison

After the Ford's Jim Farley accuses the United Auto Workers union of wanting to bankrupt his company, labor leader Shawn Fain launches a historic strike of all three Detroit carmakers.

UAW names strike targets in Michigan, Ohio, Missouri

UAW President Shawn Fain made the announcement during a 10 p.m. Facebook Live presentation. His comments come near the end of a day of last-minute bargaining.

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