UAW Leaders Ready To Strike In The Dotte

Tough talk always precedes a local labor power move.

Here's how a KCK leader views the challenge ahead . . . 

Dontay Wilson oversees UAW Local 31 in Kansas City, Kansas. He said his organization's job is "to be ready, and we absolutely are."

We just know if our numbers get called, we are coming off the bench and we are ready to play, he said.

With no end date in sight for the strike, Wilson explained workers hope to reach a fair deal with GM like in 2019.

"Did I think this would happen again? I am not surprised at all," Wilson said.

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UAW Local 31 in KCK prepares to come 'off the bench' if needed for auto strike

Monday marks day four of the United Auto Workers strike against the big three - Ford, General Motors and Stellantis.